Open GeoDa

Legacy GeoDa is a free software program that serves as an introduction to spatial data analysis and is used by over 68,000 people across the world (as of spring 2012). We are currently developing a cross-platform, open source version of the program -OpenGeoDa- that runs on Windows (XP and Vista and 7), Mac OS, and Linux. It is written in C++ and no longer relies on ESRI's MapObjects library (it uses wxwidgets instead).


OpenGeoDa contains all of the features of the current version of GeoDa (including ML spatial lag and error models and the current spatial diagnostics) plus several new features, including:

  • Many new field calculations and Table editing options
  • Gi Statistics
  • Parallelized LISA and Gi Statistics for multi-core CPUs
  • map panning
  • much more stable and robust


Version 1.0 of the program can be downloaded here.

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