TitleSiting Park-and-Ride Facilities Using a Multi-Objective Spatial Optimization Model
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
GeoDa AuthorsA. T. Murray
Journal TitleComputers and Operations Research
AuthorsB. Farhan and A. T. Murray

Park-and-ride services are an important component of many public transportation systems in the United States. Locating park-and-ride facilities is an essential step when planning for these services. In this research we focus on three major siting/modeling concerns that need to be addressed when siting park-and-ride facilities: covering as much potential demand as possible, locating park-and-ride facilities as close as possible to major roadways, and siting such facilities in the context of an existing system. Unfortunately, existing models do not enable each of these concerns to be simultaneously addressed. This paper presents a multi-objective spatial optimization model for integrating these considerations. This model is applied for siting park-and-ride facilities in Columbus, Ohio. Application results show the usefulness of the developed model in supporting transit planning in an urban region.

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