PySAL: Open Source Python Library for Spatial Analytical Functions

ASU’s GeoDa Center for GeoSpatial Analysis and Computation, a research unit closely affiliated with the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning,  develops PySAL, an open source library of computational tools for spatial analysis.

PySAL grew out of a collaborative effort spearheaded by Professor Sergio Rey and Luc Anselin, Walter Isard Chair and Director of the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning. The project integrates two analytical tools, STARS and PySpace, that were developed separately by the two researchers prior to their arrival at ASU. 

PySAL provides a suite of spatial analytical methods that developers can incorporate into their own application development, and that spatial analysts may customize to further their research. The PySAL tools are programmed in the Python language, which is increasingly used in geographic information systems.

For more information, see the latest press release below.

Latest PySAL press release

In addition to PySAL, the GeoDA Center offers GeoDa and STARS which have been developed for researchers looking to access spatial analytical tools through user-friendly graphical user interfaces.

User Feedback

"I read your paper and I fall in love for that beautiful directional moran scatterplots. Well, learning Python will be a good investment, after all." (Analyst from Italy)

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