[Openspace] Heteroskedasticity

Vania Ceccato vania at infra.kth.se
Tue Sep 18 04:33:18 CDT 2007


My models show strong signs of heteroskedasticity even after using Lag or Error
models. Looking at my SpaceStat manual(chapter 30), Anselin suggests using
ML-Ghet model to try to solve this problem (which is not implemented in GeoDa).
I still have SpaceStat in my PC so I can test ML-Ghet model. The problem is that
I don't know how to input the variables into the model properly. I need a
heteroskedasticity variable, which I think should be categorical, but how
should this variable look like? as districts of my city, from 1 to 10 for

I am grateful for any suggestions to solve the problem of heteroskedasticity.

Thank you


Vania Ceccato
Department of Urban Planning and Environment 
Royal Institute of Technology

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