[Openspace] Re: MSXBSE35.DLL failed to register

Ricardo Lopez-Torrijos rxlopez at dec.state.ny.us
Thu May 29 13:15:06 CDT 2003

     I got the same problem in a Windows NT machine. There is a
     report on how to fix it in the Microsoft support web page (use
     'Search' to look on 'MSVCRT.dll Windows <your version>': not
     easy to solve. Apparently due to overwrite of the MSVCRT
     library file, which should NOT be authorized. Not a problem in


> Subject: [Openspace] Re: MSXBSE35.DLL failed to register
> Date: Fri, 23 May 2003 13:05:11 -0400
> From: "Jim Gilmer" <JGILMER at dcjs.state.ny.us>
> To: <openspace at sal.agecon.uiuc.edu>
> Regarding Dave's posting, I got the same error on a Windows 2000
> platform.  However, on a Windows 98 platform, following error was
> returned: "MSVCIRT.DLL is linked to missing export
> MSVCRT.DLL:??_U at YAPAXI@Z."  Appreciate the help.
> Jim
> James A. Gilmer

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